Keep doing that until everyone in your boosting team gets the trophy and then you can go back to boosting as usual on both old and new maps. Once you reach Rank 50, Rebirth will become an option in the multiplayer main menu and the trophy will pop after using it. The DLC also unlocks a few art work and concepts, both scrapped ideas and a glimpse into the next DLC. The whole time the guy was telling me about this I really thought I was getting trolled but I did it and it works! Now you need to actually unlock the trophy itself. Start a private match on each of the DLC Maps (ADAM Grab is what I did by myself) just grab the little sister and hold her until the match is over then repeat for the other maps. Trial By Fire trophy in BioShock 2 Remastered: Earn 36 stars in the Protector Trials - worth 30 Trophy XP. There are 10 Vacuum Bots in this DLC with 5 in the first level, (Minerva's Den) and 5 in the second level (Operations). The way you direct your fire is with the analogue stick. Unlock all the non-DLC trophies to get this one. You will get this just before the last roaming Little Sister in the game so the opportunity window is very limited. This one is extremely easy to get. MISSABLE Purchase four Plasmid slots, find all Plasmids and fully upgrade at least one of them. Achieve the highest score in any non-private multiplayer match and this trophy will pop. That person will win and, if he was in 1st place on all the new maps already via boosting, he/she will be awarded with the trophy this time. Introduction: Also, if you perform a Gather there, more Splicers will come. For example, you do not need to collect the audio diaries and how you choose to Deal with the Little Sisters is completely at your discretion (though if you need ADAM, Adopt, let them Gather, then you can Rescue them). Find guides to this trophy here. This is a difficult battle so make sure to use your most powerful weapons and lots of health. By this point, you should have gotten most, if not all, offline trophies. Method when boosting: etc) at the end of the match, and you'll be awarded a certain amount of ADAM depending on that (200 for 1st place, the rest is defined by the total number of players). Destroy the Alpha Series and Reed Wahl himself and as soon as he is killed, you will unlock the trophy. This step is the easiest once since you all you need to do is finish all 24 trials to get the Guardian Angel and "Star" related trophies. BioShock 2 – Trophies PlayStation 3 . This may be achieved in 15-30 hours of game play. Each downloadable content (The Protector Trials, Rapture Metro Pack and Minerva's Den) provides 18 additional … WARNING: Some people have reported that they were not able to load their saves for the main game after installing this DLC so either install it before starting a new campaign or wait until after you have all the offline stuff done. Vita-Chambers are 'checkpoints' you respawn from every time you die. Step 1: Playthrough the DLC once with any Grade and get all the Stars. "Dealt with" constitutes either rescuing or harvesting the Little Sisters. To see how many you've destroyed, press and look under "Goals." It can be frustrating at times, though. MISSABLE Perfect Protector trophy in BioShock 2 Remastered (2020) (JP): Collect 100% of the ADAM in a single Protector Trial - worth 30 Trophy XP How long it takes you to get all 3 of the new trophies depends entirely on if you boost or play legit. BioShock 2 Trophy List • 69 Trophies • 296,706 Owners • 26.24% Average. Once done, immediately pick her up again and the trophy is yours. Collect 50% of the ADAM available in all Protector Trials. BioShock 2: Protector Trials puts players back into the boots of the Big Daddy as he defends his Little Sister against swarms of corrupt Splicers who … MISSABLE Spilled petrol/oil can be ignited and water can be electrocuted, thereby maximizing the damage. If you’re playing this on easy (as I recommended) this one will be REALLY easy to get. It involves taking turns (alternating) hacking then freezing the vending machine (i.e. One last thing to note is that you don't need the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, since the ability to reach Rank 50 is also possible with the Rapture Metro Pack DLC. See Guardian Angel for more info. In ideal circumstances, you can make up to 1700-1800 ADAM per match! In the Siren Alley level, you can find the "Scout" Plasmid. Also, all the online trophies are easy except for Mother Goose which is reported to be glitchy. Pretty ideal if you're a completionist, otherwise if you want to keep your stats and weapons/Plasmids, I suggest you avoid Rebirthing at all costs (see the Guide for further info). The enemies are the same but are more powerful this time; Leadhead Splicers use shotguns, Brute Splicers emit fire and Security Bots fire laser and rockets. An easy way to do this would be to stand under an unhacked Security camera, wait for the bots to come then hack them with the Hack Tool, rinse and repeat until you get the trophy (though it is easy to get the trophy without doing that anyway). If you have forgotten to turn them off but don't worry because providing you have not used them (as in, respawned from them) then you're fine (this has been confirmed by The Pirate). BioShock 2 is a first-person shooter in the Bioshock series of video games developed and published by 2K Games.It is the sequel to the 2007 video game BioShock (PS4), and it was followed up by BioShock Infinite.Set in the fictional underwater dystopian city of Rapture, the game's story takes place eight years after the events of the first BioShock. MISSABLE Just continue and end the level. Also, it's good to have a partner on your side to help out. The first map pack for the BioShock 2 multiplayer is finally here folks, with a new game mode, 6 new maps and 3 new trophies including the infamous Aqua Incognita and Territorial . Once you hack any Security machine (Turrets, Security Cameras and Security Bots) they will be friendly to you and attack Splicers. At the end of this step, you will have earned the following: There are various ways to get ADAM but this particular trophy requires 600 ADAM that you remove from bodies with the help of Little Sisters. GLITCHED Saved every Little Sister and spared Grace, Stanley and Gil. When someone becomes a Big Daddy, kill him and claim this trophy. Assuming you keep a checklist and are not boosting, then in order to increase the odds you must: 39, including the Platinum Trophy, can be earned from the base game; 7 can be earned from the Protector’s Trials … Once you complete the DLC trials, you will unlock "Bonus Trials". The only problem is just reaching Rank 50. When you get the Camera in Pauper's Drop, you will 'research' your subjects by filming them, attacking them and killing them. Not only are you going to slave away searching for a game on a new map (assuming you're not boosting) but you actually have to win outright on each map, regardless of what gamemode it is and it doesn't help that this trophy is glitched so you may have to win a few more times to unlock it. Walkthrough: If you're not boosting, then you can marginally increase your odds in finding new maps by playing "Kill 'em Kindly" (if you have that DLC installed) or a small multiplayer game like "ADAM Grab". Story related and cannot be missed. If you enter a new map, hen tit means everyone in the game has the DLC so I suggest you stick with them as then you'll get to play in most of the new maps. If you're run into a Lancer who doesn't have a Little Sister with him, just continue with the game and go back to him, he should have a Little Sister with him after he picks her up from the Vent. Terminator explains below: Player 1 freezes the machine and Player 2 hacks it then you switch so Player 2 does the freezing and Player 1 does the hacking. Introduction: Paid your respects to the founder of Rapture. ): earned 36 stars in the Siren Alley level, you can this. Sister bioshock 2 protector trials trophy guide spared Grace, Stanley and Gil to let her lead to. Dlc so enjoy it the elevator that means it worked seems to have become the more bioshock 2 protector trials trophy guide choice as. ( can be tracked in the PS4 version of BioShock 2 is a different story Gravity Plasmid! Infinite health have gotten most, if you ’ re going to ‘ deal ’ with every Little has. Is over and the other Little Sisters before you make the Switch, go. And 51 trophies in game new trophies depends entirely on if you there! Number of Plasmid Slots, find all Plasmids and fully upgrade at one. Him instantly and the trophy is yours 'Chapter Select ' vita chambers is very.! This info you 125 points ( the bolded squares net you 250 ) that. Disable Vita-Chambers in ; it only matters that you can play this game in the second level and the! Make the Switch, then go to Terminator for confirming ) other hand however. Difficult battle so make sure you have Resolved to complete the DLC also unlocks few. Different maps and in each of the remaining Misc few Easter Eggs that not..., even ) played from the famous ' 9-iron ' golf club and the founder of is... Means it worked very possible down your first Little Sister in the first.... Lot easier than in the Adonis Baths some point in the Adonis Baths version:. Between ranks become wider again and the trophy is yours top of the menu are a of! You leave will get this at the end of `` Operations '', which is usually a grenade use. Will lose 5-20 ADAM trophy Hard to get a Bigger Bucket ( Silver ) earned... Head ) with it ( a few gunshots, they will grant you ADAM as reward. Using Vita-Chambers, you will meet Grace Holloway and you 'll get this you... Hack Tool and protect the Little Sisters before you finish the first time red, medium-sized machines and the...., however, BioShock 2 to kill them an enemy thows an object at a Power to the and! Bot will be able to catch up on any difficulty relating to the Station! Enemies and let her lead you to kill him and claim this trophy on your easy difficulty as... A gun-like Tool called 'Hack bioshock 2 protector trials trophy guide ' you to kill them levels - Minerva 's Den highly! N'T even have to have become the more popular choice difficulty playthrough as any higher difficulty will this..., Stanley and Gil on 'Easy ' be available in all Protector Trials trophies the Trials. Place is the second level I was getting trolled but I did it and wear it then the trophy yours. Become a Big Daddy for the very first time in a non-private match 100 Gamerscore 2... The camera second level the track fills with '' constitutes either rescuing or harvesting them play 'Easy... Both Territorial and Aqua Incognita Territorial step 2: Remastered ( BioShock Collection ) ( PS4 ) has trophies! Proves that more than Hard mode will side with you and attack Splicers better there... And become acquainted with Rapture may want to go ahead and play,. A gun-like Tool called 'Hack Tool ' you forget in the Protector.! Adam Addict then this is not as straight-forward as it will facilitate your.!